It’s one of arequipa main activities, due to the predominance of its constructions with sillar volcanic material, Arequipa offers to the tourist great samples of its varied architecture such as temples and monasteries. Also they are very visited their beaches like: Mejía, Mollendo and Camana. However, the greatest potential is the colca canyon that has an impressive natural beauty.


It’s one of arequipa main activities, in the valleys of the coast, mainly in the Chili River, agriculture is highly developed and technified; the lands reach the highest productivity indexes. However, most of the farmland is located in the highlands. It stands out for its production of sugarcane in the valley of Tambo. It produces cotton, onion and garlic, as well as rice, corn, wheat, beans, potatoes, barley, beans, tomatoes, squash, sweet potatoes, peas, beans and olive trees in large areas.


Intensive cattle ranching is developed with the use of cultivated pastures and balanced feed; there are cattle basically for milk production.


Fishing takes place in the sea and in the inter-Andean rivers. The artisanal fishery is developed, almost all the extraction is destined to the manufacture of fishmeal and fish oil. The main ports are Mollendo, Matarani, Chala and Quilca.


The physiognomy of the soil and its geographical configuration have endowed the department of Arequipa with a mining wealth that has not yet been exploited to a large extent. Among the minerals of this region include: gold, silver, copper and iron.