This is one of Arequipa main holidays. It’s celebrated for the anniversary of the region, is part of a series of events that take place during the month of August to commemorate the anniversary of the Spanish foundation of Arequipa, on August 15, 1540. Among the main celebrations are: the exhibitions of crafts, parades of school bands, dance festivals, various cultural meetings and the International Fair of Arequipa. One of the central events is the International Song Festival where national and international artists participate


It’s celebrated on January 6, is performed by police officers, who ride horses visiting the different hospitals, clinics and shelters, bringing presents for the  children of limited resources.

Then they move to the Plaza de Armas of Arequipa, where the National Police offers a hot chocolate for children and adults trabajadores



This is one of Arequipa main holidays. Every May 1 many people start the pilgrimage to the sanctuary of the Virgin of Chapi, the patron saint of the department of Arequipa, located in the Polobaya district. Thousands of faithful from all over Peru and other countries come to the sanctuary to ask for a miracle. The festivity began when the Huayna Putina volcano erupted and destroyed many nearby towns, moment when the inhabitants decided to take the virgin on their shoulders and build a temple in the Chapi ravine.


One of the most representative customs of Arequipa is the Fight of Bulls. It forms a central part during the celebration of August 15, the anniversary of the Fundación of Arequipa. The bulls are bred and trained especially many years. Currently, the fighting bulls are the product of the crossing of Spanish bulls and the mountain bull. The day of the main event gathers the breeding places with the bulls, the sponsors (in charge of financing the prizes) and the public. The number of fights is usually twelve, with a time of 15 minutes for each fight. The winner is that bull that makes his rival run.