The Incas also used a blender for their food and it was called Batan, The batan or stone to grind is a lytic instrument to crush food that was and still is used in several South American countries such as Peru, Bolivia, Colombia and Ecuador. It is basically used to grind foods such as corn onions, garlic and others. This instrument consists of 2 parts, a flat stone measuring 50 cm approx. And a stone to grind is known as “uña” or  nail. The nail is held with both hands and rocked on the food. According to what you want to prepare you can hold the weight of the nail lightly on the batan, you can let it exert its own weight or press it, besides according to the food you want to prepare you can add water or oil to the mixture. The batán has diverse uses according to the country, for example in Peru it is used to grind the maize or to clean the quinoa, also to make dressings for typical foods like the Picante de Cuy or to prepare a special pepper called Ocopa. In Bolivia their use is similar, they use the Batan to make a typical chili called Llajwa, which is the ideal accompaniment to many dishes of Bolivian food, they also use it to crush corn, potatoes and other tubers and even to make flour, in Bolivia This instrument is so popular that many modern kitchens carry a space where the batan is located. According to the population and even renowned chefs who use the batan, the dressings and mixtures obtained in this process are much tastier and acquire a special touch that is not achieved with the blender.