Perhaps in the world today is a Monday any, but today October 1st is the anniversary of the Machupicchu district. The place where is located one of the new 7 wonders. Here we tell you a little about the history of this place

The name Machupicchu has the Quechua language meaning “Old Mountain”, according to studies It’s presumed that its construction began before the 15th century, the Machupicchu citadel is located at 2,430 meters above sea level, it is located in the province of Urubamba, department of Cusco in southern Peru. It’s weather is tropical and very pleasant throughout the year, however it rains a lot during the months of December and February.

Most historians agree that Machupicchu was built during the mandate of the Inca Pachachuteq, who was the most important of all the Incas because he reached the apogee of the Tawantinsuyo empire; However, for the historian Ferdinand Goodson, who devoted a great part of his life to the study of Machupicchu, Pachacuteq would have been the one who commanded to destroy Machu Picchu since it was composed of mud and straw. According to the author of “the nazca lines decoded” Pachacuteq rebuilt the Machupicchu that we now know, made of polished stone

Pachacuteq had Tiahuanaco descendants, the culture that settled in the altiplano (current territories of Bolivia and Peru), the same style of construction between the “Chullpas de Sillustani and Machupicchu” is evident

Machupicchu is waiting for you and traveling is not as expensive as many people think. Click HERE to see some tips and travel by yourself without spending a lot of money