Many people talk about the rainy season (november to march) in Peru and the impediment to visit the most popular destinations of Peru, but in I particularly think that is better to visit destinations such as Machupicchu, Puno or Arequipa in this part of year and I say this for many reasons. The first and the most important is for the low prices, this time due not having much demand, the hotels, entertainment centers, air companies, and entrances to tourist sites lower their prices and it is possible to have a quality service without pay great amount of money. The second reason why you should travel at this time, is that you should not do tedious and boring rows to access to tourist sites. Machupicchu for example receives the largest number of tourists between the months of March and November and to get to the archaeological site it is necessary to make rows that many times has an hour of duration, however if you travel between December and February it is probable that you do not have to wait to know this place. The third reason why you should visit Perú at this time is the beauty of the landscape, because due to the rains, the landscapes of the Andes change from a yellowish and dry tone to a beautiful green and the fruit trees of the  jungle begin to bear fruit, in addition if you travel to destinations like Machupicchu you will see the varieties of orchids uniques in the world. The last and no less important reason why you and your family should know Perú and take advantage of the fact that in this time the majority of children in school age go on vacation. Remember that Peru is the most important historical and archaeological area of South America, due to the cultures that were established there and the inheritance that they left behind. Visit the Perú and its great historical and cultural wealth without overpaying.