Agriculture is one of the main Cusco activities , the sacred valley or valley of urubamba is considered the most fertile of all peru, the most important products are: corn, te, cocoa, potatoe,  wheat and barley.


Cusco is the first producer of cattle lacquer in peru, there is abundant ichu (variety of andean natural paste) that is the main food of cattle. also there are production of livestock wool, sheep and camelids.


Cusco is the first tourist center of peru and has been qualified by unesco as a cultural heritage of humanity. a large part of the cusqueña population is dedicated to this activity since many people have been interested in visiting cusco and especially machupicchu since the year 1911 that was discovered for the first time machupicchu


Generally it is made with the extraction of wood of aguaje. it is also an expert region in the production of silver and gold jewels and ankyl wool fabrics.


Cusco has many mineralized areas that are. the natural gas deposit of camisea, located in the province of the convencion is the most important mining find of the last years in peru, whose exploitation generates ingent resources for cusco and the country


It is an activity that is practiced in the rivers and lakes of the department with characteristics of direct local consumption and for the promotion of the artisan industry based on the salado seo of the extracted species