This is one of the Puno main activities , the  most important  touristic place of puno is lake titicaca, located on the plateau of collao, is the highest navigable lake in the world, with 193 km of length and 64 km of width, with a maximum depth of 300 meters. it has a great landscape, it is said that the uros, people, are descendants of the oldest race of the world. some touristic places of puno are: the cathedral, the balcony of the count of lemos, the arch deustua, the municipal pinacoteca, museo de arte popular, the chullpas of sillustani, lampa, Amantani, Taquile.


agricultural production is intimamely related to climatological conditions such as drought, flooding and frost, the products that people cultivates are: quinua, barley, chocolate, corn, olluco, coffee, cocoa and coca


It´s the most important economic activity of the department, has a livestock of laning, sheep and auquenidos.


Silver, gold, copper, tin, lead is extracted. it is considered as oil reserved zone.


It has trout lining and crafts industry as totora caballitos. in juliaca one of its provinces develops a lot of commerce that unfortunately is sometimes informal, for this reason it receives merchants from all of peru and is commercially very active