Did you know that there is still an Inca bridge in Cusco? Queshuachaca is the last Inca bridge in the world. It is a hanging bridge made of Ichu (Andean grass) that is located on the Apurímac River in the province of Canas in the department of Cuzco. On August 5, 2009 it was declared by UNESCO as intangible cultural heritage of humanity, not only because of its infrastructure but because of the traditional maintenance that the villagers carry out. Every first Sunday of June the communities of: Winch’iri, Chaupibanda, Ccollana Quehue and Perccaro carry out an ancestral practice of the Incas called “Minka”, it consists of the community work of the whole population for the benefit of the government (Ayllu at the time Of the Incas). The celebration and maintenance of the bridge lasts 4 days, the first day dry grass (Ichu) is gathered and braided so that they remain as firm ropes that the inhabitants call: «q’eswas», this activity is carried out only by women, On the second day, the ropes of the old bridge are removed, the third day begins to be braided and the new bridge is composed, and on the fourth day the bridge is finished celebrating with dances and parties.

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