The ritual of San Pedro or Huachuma was practiced by great cultures of South America, such as the Incas, Chavín and Nazca. The ritual consists of drinking a brew made from San Pedro, a cactus that usually grows in Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador and Mexico. According to some historians this ritual was practiced only by the nobility, since they did it to cleanse the soul, some versions affirm that formerly the ritual was different from the one that is practiced nowadays since it consisted in inhaling a preparation of the San Pedro cactus, which produced psychoactive effects much stronger than when drinking it, this theory is based on the clava heads found in the temple of Chavín in Huaraz – Ancash – Peru,

where it is appreciated that both heads have their nostrils covered and dilated, and it is presumed that when inhaling the San Pedro the person had nasal bleeding, that is why they represented it that way, it is even said that inhaling San Pedro gave them the power of night vision and for that reason this culture opened an underground temple.

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