Nuestro compromiso es que seas FELIZ 

Terms and Conditions

“THE COMPANY”. It is a legal entity that at the time of the contract with “THE CLIENT” is governed by the terms agreed in this document, any claim made outside the agreed terms escape the responsibility of “THE COMPANY” or “THE CLIENT”. If to carry out one or more activities contracted to “THE COMPANY” the integrity of “THE CLIENT” is put at risk, he must also sign a disclaimer before perform the activity.

At the moment of the contract “THE CLIENT” accepts to have received all the information concerning his trip, having made all the necessary questions and having been answered in a clear and timely manner, “THE CUSTOMER” also accepts to know all the risks that may involve the activity to be developed and is aware of these risks in the full use of their physical and mental faculties when agreeing to perform the activity.

CANCELLATIONS “THE COMPANY”, is obliged to comply with all the services stipulated in the itinerary; However, if due to circumstances beyond the responsibility of “THE COMPANY” there were changes in itinerary, schedules or cancellations; “THE COMPANY” will not assume the costs of said eventuality. (Understood by circumstances beyond the responsibility of “THE COMPANY” to natural phenomen, social conflicts and circumstances caused by third parties).

Cancellations by “THE CLIENT” with or without just cause will be accepted by “THE COMPANY”, only 20 days before the date of travel, except Trecking programs that should be 30 days before. Any cancellation outside the established deadlines will have a penalty of up to 100% of the total amount paid by “THE CLIENT”; the management and / or administration of the company, will provide  the support in making their decisions.

Refunds will be made by “THE COMPANY” in a period not exceeding 30 calendar days counting from  the date of the response by the administrative area, the refund will be made by the same means that “THE CLIENT” make the payment, if “THE CLIENT” must pay in cash and is no longer within the territory, the money will be sent to the account that “THE CLIENT” indicates (“THE COMPANY” will not assume the extra costs that could be originated by the means chosen by “THE CLIENT”)

REGULATIONS AND CONDITIONS OF SERVICE PROVIDERS. “THE CLIENT” undertakes to respect the regulations, rules or conditions established by each of the service providers hired through the intermediary of “THE COMPANY”, so “THE COMPANY” must make known to “THE CLIENT” the ones that they are more important and consequently declines any responsibility that could derive from their non-compliance.

DOCUMENTATION, VISAS AND PERMITS. “THE CLIENT” must by own means be provided with the passports or migration documents required by the Peruvian authorities and the places of destination or transit, such as visas, health permits, vaccines and others, according to the legislation in force in each country , “THE COMPANY” will not be responsible for any inconvenience that may be suffered by “THE CLIENT” who lacks the necessary documentation to enter this or other countries, or the lack of necessary documentation to make a trip or enter a tourist site , which will be required in advance by “THE COMPANY”

MODIFICATION OF THE ORDER OF THE CONTRACTED SERVICES. “THE CLIENT” has the right to make modifications to his itinerary as long as they are 15 days before his trip and after checking availability for that change. In case the modifications generate penalties with suppliers, said amounts will be assumed by “THE CLIENT”. “THE COMPANY” reserves the right to modify the order of the services indicated in this contract, for a better development of the same or for the reasons that justify it, as long as it respects the quantity and quality of the services provided. have contracted and according to the itinerary of travel delivered by “THE COMPANY” to “THE CLIENT”, which consists, of enunciative form, but not limitative, air tickets, hotels, packages, etc. This changes  will be with the consent of “THE CLIENT. In remote cases there is the possibility of changes in rates without prior notice due contingencies or causes of force majeure, in these cases, it is possible that the supplier has no way to quickly update the rates, “THE COMPANY” makes periodic reviews where it is possible that there are differences between the price paid for the reservation and the price required to use the service, if there are changes in the rates, if this results in a lower price, that price will be charged and the difference will be reimbursed to “THE CLIENT”, if it results in a higher price, one of our Travel Advisors will will contact “THE CLIENT” and inform him about the change, if “THE CLIENT” does not agree with the change “THE COMPANY” will refund 100% (one hundred percent) of the amount paid, provided they are within the established cancellation deadlines (See the second paragraph of cancellations).

DEPOSIT PAYMENT. All reservations require a deposit that will indicate “THE COMPANY”, either in Soles or its equivalent in Dollars according to the exchange rate in force in the country, “THE COMPANY” will issue to  “THE CLIENT” the reservation number that determines the globalizing system used to make the reservation, or in its absence, the proof of reservation. “THE COMPANY” will deliver to the “CLIENT” a proof of physical or virtual payment at the time of the cancellation of the total amount for the tour (The same must be made at most 24 hours before arrival at the destination or otherwise as indicate “THE COMPANY”). If the method of payment chosen by “THE CLIENT” generates an extra charge in favor of third parties (charges for use of cards, bank, etc.) must be assumed by “THE CLIENT”. “THE COMPANY” only recognizes the total amount paid to the account. “THE COMPANY” reserves the right to accept last minute reservations (48 hours or less before arrival at the destination)

The National Institute for the Defense of Competition and the Protection of Intellectual Property (INDECOPI) is competent in the administrative process to resolve any dispute that may arise over the interpretation or fulfillment of this contract. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the parties submit to the jurisdiction of the competent Courts in Cusco, Peru, expressly waiving any other jurisdiction that may correspond to them, because of their present or future addresses or for any other reason.